3 ways to sell your house fast in Denton County

sell your house fast in Denton County

There are several ways to sell your house fast in Denton County. These home buying avenues have offered cash to homeowners. Homeowners seeking to get their homes sold fast, do so for many reasons. Times are hard and there are many people in debt, selling their homes can help raise some funds. 

Also, many want to move abroad and look to sell their house fast. Whatever the reasons for selling the house, it’s important to look for a reliable way to sell it fast. 

To help you sell your property as-is and fast, here are some ways to go about it.

How you can sell your house fast in Denton County 

Are you stuck in selling your house as-is and quickly, here are three ways to help you sell your home fast in Denton County :

We buy houses Denton County companies

We buy house companies are firms who buy properties from willing sellers and make a cash offer. You can use We buy houses Denton County companies in these three easy processes :


You can go to their website and talk to their customer service. Their emails and phone numbers are available and you can connect with them immediately.

Plan a visitation

After talking to them, you will need to arrange a physical assessment. This is to be done within 1-2 days to know the condition of the house.


This is the final step when we buy houses companies in Denton County. After a physical assessment, they will make you a cash offer fast.

Using a Realtor

Realtors sometimes called estate agents are a way you could sell your house fast in Denton County. These are professionals who usually have licenses and serve as intermediaries between sellers and buyers.

Using a realtor comes with some drawbacks though. Realtors demand some commission before they can help you sell your house fast. Depending on the realtor, they could charge around 2-5% as commission fees. 

Also, realtors have many people they are attending to and it could take a while before they sell your property. Most realtors don’t buy properties that need repair because they won’t yield much.


Either online or offline, auctions are a good avenue to sell your house fast in Denton County. With online auctions sites like Craigslist and eBay, you will have to put a picture of your house, set a limit to the price and start a bidding process. 

The Auction site will ask for payment before you can use their platforms to sell your house. If you are lucky, you can sell your house within a week.

The cons of using auctions are that the payment structure isn’t cash. Most times, a buyer pays using a cheque or PayPal. This might not be great if you need cash fast. 

Furthermore, many buyers at auctions aren’t genuine. There are so many fraudulent people on auction sites seeking homeowners they can swindle.

What to consider when you sell your house fast in Denton County

Distressed sellers should consider some factors when looking for ways to sell their homes fast :


It’s crucial to always consider how experienced the buyer is on the job. Companies with more experience in buying properties tend to buy houses better and faster.

Mode of payment

While there are many ways homeowners can choose to receive funds from their houses, cash is the best. Cash offers can help accelerate home sales more than other methods of payments. 

It’s better to use we buy houses companies that can make a cash offer.

When looking to sell your house fast in Denton County, Lonestar is a good option because they will buy your house as-is, make a cash offer and the process is fast.

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